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with support for Casolysis and SynCaps V3

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kardSort is a free-to-use online implementation of the card sorting technique to help design or evaluate information architecture. This tool fosters better collaboration and adherence to the core principles associated with card sorting.

The results can be easily exported in a raw CSV, SynCaps, and Casolysis format for analysis.

Please note: It is assumed that users of this system are familiar with the card sorting process. If you are not, then please refer to the numerous resources on the Internet.

Below is the cream of kardSort's ever-growing features the UX community will

  • Create Open, Closed and Hybrid sort types
  • Export results to .csv, SynCaps V3 and Casolysis format
  • Schedule start and end dates of the study
  • Secure access to study with a password
  • Add additional information to Cards and Categories
  • Integrated Pre-Study and Post-Study Questionnaire

Who's using it

Several institutions use kardSort for research studies and in teaching

Plus many others!! Join the growing list of organizations taking their UX research to the next level.


kardSort is developed and maintained independantly by Kailaash Balachandran. Have a question or idea for improvement? I'd love to talk to you.

For inquiries, please reach me at kailaash[at]kardsort[dot]com

For product updates, follow @kardSort